VentureBeat published an article about the work we’re doing to connect healthcare systems with social services:

Frye and Flesh’s startup, Purple Binder, started out by offering an app that lists a smorgasbord of social services (mental health clinics, job training, food pantries, literacy classes, etc.) offered in and around Chicago, as well as a way for users to grade the services. It was indeed a “Yelp for social services,” as some in the media called it.

It’s now in the pilot stages of a new program called “Closing the Loop” with the Chicago Department of Public Health and Northwestern Memorial Hospital, which uses a system of scanners and tablet computers to give hospitals and health clinics a way of verifying that patients made it to social services referrals, Flesh told VentureBeat. It also provides a feedback loop in which data was transmitted back to the health system about the quality of the services patients were receiving, he said.

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Purple Binder’s ‘Yelp for social services’ keeps referrals from disappearing into the void