Six weeks ago, we decided to run with an idea that we’d been mulling for a while: building a tool that helps social workers and hospitals find, track, and share social services. We started talking to social workers and building a basic prototype of the site.

Three weeks ago, we gave a small group of folks the first glimpse of this prototype. We held a launch event at Excelerate Labs and got our first round of feedback from a dozen social workers, social service providers, and government officials.

This week, we moved into 1871, a coworking space for tech startups housed at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago. It’s a lovely space – all sleek surfaces and minimalist concrete – in the belly of an Art Deco fortress. It makes for an epic morning commute.

Today, we’re proud to release our pilot to the world. Think of it as a first draft. We’re still missing a lot of data and working out the kinks. But we know that the route to building a useful – and viable – app lies in constant experimentation.

So go ahead and try it out. We’d love to hear what you think. Talk us at feedback |at|, or click on the Feedback button in the site.